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Blog | Preventing Seller Remorse

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Preventing Seller Remorse

By: The Hoffman Group

Like buying, selling your home comes with it's own string of complicated rules and strategies. With the growing market in the Grand Strand area and through the nation, it's tempting to sell your home if you've been considering it. Following are ways to avoid seller's remorse and have the optimum sales experience when selling your home or condo.

Live By Your Pricing Strategy

Selling your home will leave you with mixed emotions, and can be frustrating if you go into it without a pricing strategy. This includes not only knowing what your home is worth, down to each addition and improvement, but also how much other comparable homes in your area are selling for. The Grand Strand area has seen significant growth over the last year, which could mean that what you thought your home was worth a year ago might be different today. Knowing the ebb and flow of the market will give you a significant head-start to obtaining a great sale.

Pricing is one of the most critical elements you will discuss with your agent, therefore it's essential that you choose the right agent for you. Pick one that has great knowledge of your area, the style of your home (single family residence, condo or townhouse) and has enough experience that will make you feel comfortable with them at the helm of your sales effort.

Develop a Post-Sale Plan

In a perfect world your buyer will give you more than your asking price and be very flexible on the closing date and every other element beyond the sales price. Selling a home or condo in the Grand Strand area could even result in receiving multiple offers, some possibly over your asking price, depending on certain circumstances. Sellers should not only be prepared to work with their buyers (above or below the asking price) but to also be flexible with their proposed closing date as well as other elements of their offer. Receiving a great offer and being completely unprepared to move out within 30 days could result in a lost offer that might not be seen again.

Be ready to negotiate with buyers at every level, not just the asking price. Being ready to vacate and have a place to go, either temporary or to a new home, as well as being open to leaving appliances or certain furnishings will allow you to be more flexible with the offers you receive.

Know What You're Willing to Give and When

Though the housing market is continuing to grow throughout the country, especially in the Myrtle Beach area, it's important to have a plan should you not receive any offers for your asking price. A great agent will be able to help you target the market with the optimum price given your location. The current market might tempt you to rush into selling your home, but if you have any doubt, either due to your financial situation or otherwise, hold off on the listing until you are absolutely sure you are ready to sell. Do consult with your real estate agent though, as they will be able to walk you through the sales process and what to expect, and make you feel comfortable long before you make the decision to sell your home.

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